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Arbitrai Cryptocurrency (ARAI Token)

As Arbitrai, we believe that blockchain technology will create a huge chain of trust by removing borders worldwide and as a company we are strongly behind this technology. We use blockchain technology to build a sustainable community and successful loyalty programs.

Arbitrai created a cryptocurrency called Arbitrai (ARAI) on the Ethereum Blockchain Network on 20th January of 2020 in order to develop its own online economy and to build sustainable community and brand awareness regardless of all borders. Properties: Name: Arbitrai Symbol: ARAI Pcs: 100,000,000 Decimal: 8 Contract:

ARAI holders can keep and use their ARAI’s in the 3rd party structures freely (for example MyEtherWallet) which provides the Ethereum Blockchain wallet service to their customers.

Arbitrai company does not have any intervention or right to speak about ARAI users’ use of ARAI. ARAI was created independently from the Arbitrai firm on the Ethereum Blockchain network and will continue to exist as long as this network continues.

Arbitrai company aims to provide ARAI owners with 50% discount on software products sold by Arbitrai under a loyalty program. For this, the ARAI cryptocurrency should be listed on any cryptocurrency exchange and opened for trading. You can follow the current cryptocurrency exchanges that list ARAI from our social media account and our blog. The market value is determined independently from the Arbitrai company, by trades of buyers and sellers on the cryptocurrency exchanges where the ARAI cryptocurrency is listed.

Arbitrai aims to release the ARAI cryptocurrency to the market in decreasing amounts of 10% every month within 5 years starting from January of 2020.

The release to the market is made through Arbitrai customers, partners and followers. In this way, strong relationships, a sustainable ecosystem and community are aimed.

There is a burning policy. Arbitrai eliminates half of the ARAI cryptos that comes from its customers through the discounted sales under the mentioned loyality program and takes it out of its economy. The burning policy is valid for the first 5 years.

Arbitrai company can change or stop ARAI emission, burning or discount policy with a notice on its website whenever it desires. You can follow the announcements about the ARAI crypto from this page and the blog section on our site.