About Us

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About Us

We Are Just in the Middle of the Digital Revolution

When we look at the history, we see that there is always a technological development under all radical advances. After a while, we realize that we can tag this whole history with only technological advances.

Today, artificial intelligence, autonomous robot systems and blockchain are the leading disruptive technologies that will mark our tomorrow and transform the world.

As Arbitrai, we are experiencing the excitement and happiness of providing emerging technology solutions for finance and investment industries with the awareness that this industries will also be a part of digital transfromation.

Let's change the future together.

Arbitrai CEO Ali Sermet Tasdogen

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Our Vision

The story of human history is a big story of change and transformation. Today we believe that this revolution is stronger than ever and we are excited to be a part of emerging technologies that change the future.

Our Mission

We are passionate to help traditional companies & individuals in finance to take the full advantage of the new technological revolution with AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Robotics and transform themselves into new technology-powered businesses.

Who we are

Arbitrai, which has a highly competent and experienced international team in artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, financial technologies, investment, robotics and algorithmic trading systems, is a fintech company with headquarters in New York, London and Istanbul.